but first, love yourself

Love yourself blahblah.


To be honest, it sound so boring.

As a young human being you dont think about loving yourself.

We live from day to day…. but once you fall in love everything changes.

You’re breaking hearts or someone breaks yours.

But with every new experience we grow emotionally.

But at some point , sooner or later you start to think . Perhaps you also have to make the experience  to be ” alone ” . To be in no relationship – only having yourself.

By then you will learn that you should put yourself first – always.

Selfish? No.

Do you know these people who  can only be defined by others?


To deal with yourself is perhaps the most important life experience that we can do .

Who am I?  Can I rely on myself ?

I’m sure you know the saying: ” Remember who was with you in your bad days . .. ” Do you know who was always there ? YOU!


But  the day that you begin you to accept yourself as you are we – you’ll be finally happy.

Here is an example : ( Warning: Confession ! ) I am very emotional and might cry too often . I love the small things in life – they touch me a lot. Nice gestures , special moments and great people . I always thought : OMG STOP IT. STOP CRYING!

But now i’m okay with it. It shows who I am and how I feel .  I do not have to apologize for my behavior .

Love your little imperfections and emphasize your beautiful sides even more.

In a long relationship you often forget about yourself.

It’s important to do nearly everything for your partner to be happy, dont get me wrong – but you are important too!

You have hobbies which he /she does not like? You love watching the football games?

Just do it! Most couple think it’s important to do the same stuff your partner does.

BUT – everyone needs a little space.

Its important to do things by your own too.

It doesn’t mean you’re not meant for each other.

I’m pretty sure you there’s a lot of things you have in common.


It is important to find the right balance for yourself . When you learn to love yourself, you’re open for every situation in life.

No one can be in a good mood ‘ every day . If you just want to lie in bed  – because you’re having a bad day – just do it – it’s okay.

We worry about material things while others are suffering.

We worry about what others are thinking – while others are more concerned with themselves than you.


You’re good the way you are – because you’re the way you are!


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