Call me if you need me – NOT!


A Wedding isn’t planned easily.
You have to doa lot of things at the same time.

So if you want to share the tasks with your family and friends, make sure
You’re ready for some dissappointments.
A lot of people around you will say the same sentence all over again „Call me anytime“,
„Call me if you need anything“ ….
Well, thats good to hear and you are really blessed if you have friends who are ready to help you anytime.
Make sure you’re making small „Help-Packages“ for each of your friends which should be clearly defined.

Now – call them for help!
Make sure you’re not too rough – ask them kindly.

Now get ready fort he answer!
Take a deep breathhhhh and listen……….
„Okay, wow i’m happy to help you- tell me more!“

OMG ! Hell yeah – this is a real friend! This has to be a friend who loves you
and would do anything to make you happy!!
You’ve found a real friend – dont let her/him go.

Now lets get to the unpleasant part.
If the answer is a clear „NO“ – i’m sure you will handle it.
But if the answer is something in between like „I would love to help you, but..“
(and now get ready for the creative reasons – and no i’m not kidding)

„I’m invited to a party this weekend“
– Yeah okay?! So this party lasts forever like the whole year? What about the other 363 days??
„I never did that before“
Uhm yes, i’m also getting married the first time so … okay this type of friend isnt ready to help you and to try something new
„I am sooo busy“
Oh Honey, really? Well, I’m not – i’m doing a full-time job, have to run a household, doing sports, learning and i have a wedding to plan for about 1000 people – which i’m doing only once a lifetime.
It’s okay – a clear No i’m not interested would be much better.
„Are you sure you want your wedding tob e LIKE THAT?“
No i just wrote all those words down for fun. Just tear the paper .. No Problem.
„Oh no i’m the perfect wedding planner – MY WEDDING will be perfect, i should work as a wedding planner oh my god i’m sooo goood at it“

HAHA ! Yes thats why you’re invitations are as creative as a sack potatoes. I’m sure it was challenging to choose the same location, photographer …. as mine – yes thats the easiest way to plan a wedding You’re such a great planner.

If you get in touch with one of those types – STOP telling them anything about your wedding.
They will always find a way to miss an appointment or to ask dumb questions. Just go…
Go and scream out loud and leave it behind you.

Dont let it go to your head. Sorround yourself with people who really really care for you – not just once a year.Its absolutely okay to hear some opinions – but ist not okay if someone is a smart ass who knows everything better.

This is your wedding- your day. Do whatever the hell you want!
If you want to buy a green weddingdres- DO IT!
If you want to invite just 5 people – DO IT!
Do what you both want!
Let me tell you one thing – do it for you and not for applause.
Even if you had the greatest wedding ever – there will always be a few who will find some failures, some reasons to hurt you.
And listen – you’re good enough and strong enough to do it by your own. You dont need all those smart ass people okay?
I’m sure there are enough people who love your idea of your very own wedding!



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