Dear Mr.Valentine….

THIS day can be a blessing and a course at the same time.


While some of you can’t wait to spend time with your beloved ones, the others just wish they could fly away and just forget about Valentinesday.

Well, somehow it’s a good day to remember your friends and family how much you love them.
On the other side – all this single Ladys and Boys out there just can’t stand this day.
Buut spending the day alone at home eating chips and ice cream isn’t the right solution i guess….


Let’s be honest – this day is like any other day.
What if they called it “The Single Day” ? Would we feel stupid if we had a partner?
… no!

Valentinesday is dedicated to a person called Valentine who risked his life to fight for love.
And that’s it. Just a day to spend with all the people you love.

It doesn’t matter if its your mum or dad or your neighbour who is lonely too….
I think, no one should be alone on Valentinesday.

It’s not about having a partner – it’s about LOVE.

So, if you’re still single – grab your sister or brother or your neigbour and take a walk on Valentinesday. your cousin – you havent seen for a while – a flower. Call your grandparents and ask your friend who’s heart was broken how she’s doing and bring her ice cream.

Just a simple Message could light up the whole day for another person.
Don’t let anyone be alone on Valentinesday.

No one is ever alone without having someone who loves them.

And for all the people who are in a relationship – enjoy the day and remember her or him how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t spend all your money on presents.. showing love trough writing a letter or cooking dinner is much more worth.

aaaaaaaand now start making plans for valentinesday!

I hope you’ll have the best Valentinesday ever !
Remember – you’re never alone, sometimes you just have to get out of your comfortzone to let the magic happen πŸ˜‰

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