sunday thoughts

Is this really happening?

That’s what i’m asking myself  lately..

We are wasting our energies on things that are unimportant and have no value. We’re judging about the behavior of others, instead of thinking about ourselfes.

We prefer to sit with our smartphone on the couch rather than enjoying the nice weather. We are too lazy to give anything to achieve something big. Our careers are becoming more and more important.  We play Moral Apostles and do not change our own behavior.


Let’s look back a few years …

At school, everyone was wearing proper clothing and we couldn’t imagine wearing hotpants at school. In the afternoon, we all met in the park and shared our worries and fears.

Sunday was Churchday and It was inconceivable to work on sunday or other christian holidays. It was the rest day.

to rest?

Today unthinkable.

Last Sunday my grandmother was visiting us and I spent the weekend at the country with my family. I must admit, it is like holidays. If you live in such a big city as Vienna, you quickly lose the feeling for the little things in life.

When I went to school, we were in the church every Sunday. You knew every face. Many “older” people who went to every church celebration. They sat in the front rows and knew every song and prayer.

Last Sunday it was different. These people were no longer there – the ranks were empty.

And why? Because this is obviously no longer “cool”.

My mother always said, “Whoever can celebrate can also get up.”

But today it’s different.  People buy tons of sweets for Halloween, and know that the next day is a holiday.

And why? No idea – just a random holiday.

In December, we run like crazy through the shops for 4 weeks, so each of us can get a super-great gift for Christmas. Why?

Well, because of Santa Clause.

For real?

We always want to be better, bigger ..Better than you, better than the next to me and better than everyone here! We want to “achieve something”. What? beeing Financially independent? YES!
Working until you drop and do not have time for the family? Unfortunately  – yes.



“I have no time, I’m work ‘so long and when I coming home, I just want relax.”

Sentences which I have already heard and which have risen to my head. How can you have no time for something that makes you happy?

Do you know what the problem is?  A few years ago everyone had goals! Goals that were realistic. They have worked hard to achieve these goals. And then? We were satisfied.

Today you rarely meet people who really burn for something … have a goals  and do not go to bed in the evening after work, but do sports, visit friends or read books.

Reading – the next point.

Moliére, Shakespeare, Dürenmatt,  – hardly anyone knows them. Books are gold pits. You can learn so much about these people and stories.

Where are our values?

I would like to share the values given to me – one day with my children.

I do not want to submit to the mass and belong to the people who believe in nothing. Whether it’s religion or human values. I would be happy if I could go home after work and spend time with my family. I would like to have interests and my hobbies and exercise. I want your character and loyalty to be more important to me than any money in the world. I do not want to make things worse for each other, but to strengthen each other! I would like to be able to admire beautiful people and offer my help without receiving strange comments like “Why do you look so stupid”?

I want us to wish each other a good morning instead of ignoring each other. I want you to express your fears and not to hide them.

I would like to help and thank the other for helping me.

I know that many readers think the same way and it fulfills me with so much love that there are still people who can appreciate the little things.

One day we will be old and we will think about our lives – or how does the song go?

One day baby we’ll be old …

In love yours



According to studies, these are the 5 things people are most sorry about before their death:

Top 1: “I wish I had the courage to live my life the way I wanted it, not the way I was expected.”

Top 2: “I wish I had worked less.”

Top 3: “I wish I had the courage to show my feelings”.

Top 4: “I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends.”

Top 5: “I should have given myself more happiness and satisfaction”.


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