sunday thoughts

Is this really happening? That’s what i’m asking myself  lately.. We are wasting our energies on things that are unimportant and have no value. We’re judging about the behavior of others, instead of thinking about ourselfes. We prefer to sit with our smartphone on the couch rather than enjoying the nice weather. We are too […]

Tell me WHEN?

Soooo – it’s happening again! I won’t leave my house before New Year! It’s impossible to walk trough Vienna without being trampled. My parents always showed me a very calm and quiet Christmas time. No Stress.   Gifts? Yuup! But in moderation and not overpriced things you’ll never use again. Vouchers for hours together, a dinner, […]

The storm will pass

No storm can last forever – right? But sometimes it feels like the storm won’t pass… like never ever again. All you want to do is cuddle up in your bed and forget the whole world. You start to think about everything in life and all you want do is cry..cry your heart out. Sometimes […]

Fitnessguru REVIEW

Hey Everyone!   I’m sure you’ve heard of fitnessguru before. (Instagram, Facebook) I saw a million pictures of fitnessguru supplements on instagram and read a lot about it, but as i saw the fitnessguru supplements are also available lacto-free i was super interested. So i tried a few of them.   But let me tell you […]


You’re super-excited to go on vacay but you still haven’f found the perfect bikini? Let me help you! TO DIE FOR Swimwear – Inspired by the beach culture of the American west coast, our designs are the perfect balance of cute and sexy. Visit to find your own perfect bikini! and HEY – use the code “EELAYNACUBELA” to […]