Long time no see!

Today i want to show you my daily makeup routine which is honestly super easy and fast. That’s how i do my makeup every day… nothing special.

Lets start with No.1!

Make sure you clean your face before.

After washing my face with clear water i use my favourite creme.

Maybe you will be suprised but its a normal drugstore product everyone heard once before πŸ˜‰

NIVEAAAAAAA πŸ™‚ It’s the Nivea soft creme which i also like to use for my hands. (like every 10 minutes haha)


Let the creme move in a few minutes…

The next product i only use on very hot days or when i’m about to hit the clubs πŸ˜‰

Nevertheless – i would like to show you the product.

As you may know – i really love love love benefit products.


the PORE fessional is the new benefit primer. I got a sample at douglas and i was so excited.

It smells amazing and is refreshing. It minimizes your pores and ensures that your makeup lasts the whole day. ( i tried it at 30 degrees in vienna – so you can believe me )

Let’s continue with the second or third step.

Apply your Concealer under your eyes. Just make a triangle with a small brust or your fingers.

I also like to apply it above my nose on my forehead and on my chin.

Now you can blend the concealer with your brush or maybe you like to use a swam.

Now about my current favourite Concealer.

I just discovered the Concealer from Catrice. Its amazing!

It comes in three different colours and is also available liquid.


After blending my Concealer i’m applying my Makeup.

Its Nude Illusion from Catrice.

What Β i love about this product is, that it’s very light and soft.

It feels like a second skin and it doesn’t feel like a mask, which is very important for me.


I always use my big brush for applying my makeup. But if you like to use your swam its ok too.

Noooow the most-important part is coming.


I think the most important thing about the brows is to leave them like they are.

Make sure they are in a good shape – like you love them to look. The only thing you have to do is to fill them up. Don’t draw completely other brows than you have.

Here are some of my favourite brow products :



After doing my brows, i’m using my most-loved Mascara ever!

Its the Roller Lash Mascara from Benefit.

Its notΒ cheap – but hey you will love the difference!

You have to roll the applicator to make sure youre lashes get the perfect form.

They do not stick together and the mascara doesnt clump. I PROMISE!


Now i’m using a powder to get sure my face isn’t shining and greasing.


I’m using this two product for two weeks now and i really love them. (They also smell like heaven..)

After mattifying my face i use my bronzer/rougeΒ on my cheekbones to get a little bit colour and look fresher.


If you love Highlighting as much as i do, you can use your favourite one to get the perfect finish.

I have two favourite Highlighter:


Download (2)

I love to apply some higlighter on my cheekbones – above my blush, on my nose, above my lip, and under my brows. You dont’t have to use much of this products.

For the perfect finish i’m applying my lipgloss.

That’s iiit.

fertig2Β fertig

Hope you liked it.

For more infos, dont hesitate to leave a comment.

And dont forget to add me on snapchat: eelaynaa

IΒ love doing some Β get-ready snaps with you sometimes πŸ™‚

I’d love to hear what you think about it!


Ps: you can get all the products at Douglas πŸ™‚

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