Friendship VS. Marriage?

I’m pretty sure you all heard the sentence at least once in your lifetime: „Marriage is a big thing – you’ll see everything will change“ Okaay – but what do they mean? Let’s talk about one special topic – FRIENDSHIP. Maybe you’re lucky having a girl or boy -clique, or you’re one of these girls/boys […]

Fitnessguru REVIEW

Hey Everyone!   I’m sure you’ve heard of fitnessguru before. (Instagram, Facebook) I saw a million pictures of fitnessguru supplements on instagram and read a lot about it, but as i saw the fitnessguru supplements are also available lacto-free i was super interested. So i tried a few of them.   But let me tell you […]


You’re super-excited to go on vacay but you still haven’f found the perfect bikini? Let me help you! TO DIE FOR Swimwear – Inspired by the beach culture of the American west coast, our designs are the perfect balance of cute and sexy. Visit to find your own perfect bikini! and HEY – use the code “EELAYNACUBELA” to […]

Dessert Island

Suuuuummer is here aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you have absolutely no idea where to go? But wait ! Let me tell you about a desert island you would never expect to be in Croatia. I honestly, never knew these islands could be soo beautiful. The Island is called Brac – The highest peak of the island, Vidova Gora (Vitus’ Mount) […]