Tell me WHEN?

Soooo – it’s happening again!

I won’t leave my house before New Year!

It’s impossible to walk trough Vienna without being trampled.

My parents always showed me a very calm and quiet Christmas time.

No Stress.


Gifts? Yuup! But in moderation and not overpriced things you’ll never use again. Vouchers for hours together, a dinner, cinema or theater visits. Homemade art. Small things – made with love.


I won’t tell you how to spend your holidays. I won’t tell you to go to church.

But the expensive things you’re buying doesnt makes you a better person.

The XMAS PARTY’s you’re throwing – WHATS THE MEANING?


Whats the difference? Your partying the whole year, so why on Christmas Holidays?

Why do you have to run  trough the shops before Christmas? You’re buying everything you already have or dont need..


Tell me – when was the last time you saw your grandparents?

Tell me when was the last time you turned off your phone and spent time with your Family?

Tell me when did you think about the meaning of Christmas?

When was the last time ?

Tell me when you’ve asked yourself the question whether it is really necessary to get 1001 Gifts ?


There are still 365 days left in the year  which I want to show you that you’re important to me. I will bake cookies for you . I will tell you that you are important to me. I will remember you as often as possible that you are important no matter how much Money you have.

During the Christmas season I want to be close to you. I share the belief with you.

I wont’t buy you expensive things – do you know why?

Because these things are making you happy today and tomorrow but spending hours together and sharing the memories and faith with each other that is irreplaceable.

As you rush sweaty through the streets bringing your debit or credit card to glow – I’m at home creating memories for me and my friends and relatives.. I see how happy my grandmother gets when she gets to see me after a long time and I see how my parents’ eyes are lighting up because we’re all sitting  at this table – laughing and crying. I see how my sister’s belly is growing – a big miracle.

I love my family and friends. I love them because they never had to impress me with gifts. I love them because they are spending the Christmas holidays with me. I love you 365 days a year WITHOUT GIFTS.
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