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Hey Everyone!


I’m sure you’ve heard of fitnessguru before. (Instagram, Facebook)

I saw a million pictures of fitnessguru supplements on instagram and read a lot about it, but as i saw the fitnessguru supplements are also available lacto-free i was super interested.

So i tried a few of them.


But let me tell you about the shaker – the cool thing about the shaker is , you can choose the colour of the bottle, the lid and the cap!

Which makes your shaker a bit more personal. You can choose between a small and a big one.


  • One Whey Capuccino

This Whey is perfeeeect for all those Capuccino lovers out there!
It taste exactly like cappucino.

I liked it but it’s veryy sweet – too sweet for my taste.

You can drink it with water or milk.

  • oneamino Cola

OMG! It’s like you’re drinking cola without gas.

You need about 3dl of water – it’s refreshing!


  • one whey Protein Bar

Sugar Russsssssssh! It taste very good – full of chocolate and crisps.



fitnessguru supplements taste veery intensive – you wouldn’t expect that if you buy the product.

They always taste different as the packing says – but not these poducts!


So if you like to use supplements with different flavours (chocolate and vanilla are the usual one’s) – just try fitnessguru.

You can also order sample packs and try them.


Check out to find a lot of receipes and ideas how to use this products  – Shakes, Ice Cream, Cakes…


I’m pretty sure i will order more of fitnessguru supplements, because they are a lot different than the usual whey you can buy in stores.

They look a lot better – the colours and the packing is a lot more attractive, they taste much better and the price is more than ok! The shipping to Austria was also very fast – ab out 5 days.

AND HEY – FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ARE LACTOSE-INTOLERANT – they offer a few products which have a good taste and are easy to order!





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