Friendship VS. Marriage?

I’m pretty sure you all heard the sentence at least once in your lifetime:

„Marriage is a big thing – you’ll see everything will change“

Okaay – but what do they mean?
Let’s talk about one special topic – FRIENDSHIP.
Maybe you’re lucky having a girl or boy -clique, or you’re one of these girls/boys with one or two very good friends. However – going out, late night walks and talks, fun club nights or just doing sports together – this is what we all do in our young age.
But will anything change the moment you’re getting married?
I’m sorry  – but… i have to tell you that it will change a lot.
I heard of the phenomen where people think that after getting married it’s time to give birth to a few kids, to buy a house and never ever go out again.
WHAT THE ..????
I mean .. it’s 2015 now and there are still people with this setting?
Excuse me, but no…

Especially when you’re getting married as a young couple,( young means everything under 30 i think – where people panic and ask you about 1000 times if you’re sure you want to give up your own life) you have to deal with lots of dumb people and questions.

I’m sure there are a lot of couples who would love to have kids right after they got married – which is nice and i’m sure they can deal with it- but there are also people who want to first put up their life together – which means – buying or building a house, get a fix job, travel a lot — just finding their inner peace before concentrating on kids or just staying at home all the time.

Your friends may distance from you because they think you’re not interested in spending time with someone else but your husband or wife.
Really guys? Let me tell you a few things:

1.Getting married means we’re still alive

2.Yes, we still have interests and still love to have you as a friend
3.No we’re not at home the whole day
4.If we want to have kids- we will tell you
5.Going out without my husband/wife does not mean we dont love each other or we’re fighting – it just means we love each other enough to trust her/him
6.You can stil count on me
7.No,we wont tell anything our partner if you dont want to – we’re still having our little friendship secrets
It’sokay if you dont want to get married soon – we still love you
8.You dont have to dress formal if you’re going to visit us – we’re still the same jogger and payamas are still welcome – we’re not 60!
9.You can still call or message me – NO my husband/wife is not answering all my calls and messages

Did you see? We’re still the same and i’m sure all of you married people out there understand what i mean and i hope that all your friends out there are going to accept your wife and husband as best friend and not a appendage.

SPREAD LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP NO MATTER WHAT – and stay true to yourself dont let anyone change you!

xx hugs

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  1. Hi Elena, well said. We are still two seperate people, even if we are married (ok, some people are not….but lets not talk about them). And the same applies to having kids: yes, life changes. And yes, priorities change as well. But besides being a wife and mom, i am still me.: a friend, a confidant, a silly person to hang out with.

    1. and thats good. It’s strange sometimes how people act! Stay true to yourself – you’re perfect the way you are.
      xx hugs

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