GOLDEN PADS – You like it cool

To be honest – i never heard of Golden Pads before.

But now i know it – i love it so much!

I tried aAntiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant which helped me a lot trough this super hot summer days in  Vienna.

I think sweating is still a Tabu-Topic.

But hey – its totally normal to sweat – especially on hot days!

The funny thing is – i dont know if you ever did but i do – i’m sweating in the knie hollows also! haha

I always thought there is no product or deodorant for this but GOLDEN PADS is !!

Its perfect – you can use it on you back, your arms, your knees – nearly everywhere!

It smells very good – it isn’t made out of water but 100% of Aloe Vera and without Aluminium.

It’s perfect for you if you have sensitive skin or if you are alergic to something.

A deodorant covers usually with fragrances. Gold Pad Antiperspirant goes against strong sweating!

An additional deodorant os no longer necessary.

But its not only about the Antripersirant – they also have GOLDEN PADS.

Which are Pads against sweating.  They were designed to absorb sweat under the armpits.

They are brathable and can not move due to the special bonding technology and form.

The shape of the underarm adapts perfectly to the arm pit area.


I love Golden Pads and the price-performance ratio is perfect!

You can get Golden Pads on Amazon easily!


But today . you have the chance to win 1 x Golden Pads Package or a Golden Pads Antiperspirant!

All you have to do is to share this Post on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook,..) and use the Hashtags #eelayna and #goldenpads


The winner will be pronounced the 30th of November 2015!


Good Luck Guys!


xx eelayna


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