The Boxroom Wedding

So things are getting serious ha?

Its pretty funny when it comes to the point where you look at each other and you tell your partner your idea of your perfect wedding

aaaaaaand ….jap .. here it is …. the FIRST BIG PROBLEM – maybe  …but maybe not.

Lets beginn with the worst case  – his idea is totally different than yours….

First make sure – is it really HIS idea or the IDEA of his parents???

Please dont fight over this topic – there is ALWAYS a solution for this.


  • Lets find the middle …

But whats the middle of a princess wedding and a LAS VEGAS Wedding?

It can get quite hard to figure out the similarities.

Las Vegas or Disney Land? – none of them.

Maybe choosing something totally different turns out to be YOUR idea of a perfect wedding.

Maybe you’ve never thought of something different?

So what about a wedding at the beach? or a wedding in the mountains?

You both should be open for new ideas and experiences.

Take your time – dont hurry!


  • The audience

The audience are all these people around you.

It seems like they always know better than you both.

They dont like your idea of your wedding?

Don’t worry! It’s all about habits. They are used to go to weddings which are like weddings they had 50 years ago.

“You cant do that, do this” – its a sentence you’ll hear very often.

No matter what – just stay true to yourself.

If you want to get married all alone – do it.

If you want to get married on an island with only your parents – do it!


Just dont listen to all those comments you’ll hear.

Its ok to think about it – but its not ok if other people are trying to tell you what wrong or right.

If you give in once, they’ll try over and over again.  ( “old mac donald had a farm …. ” that’s what i was thinking of when someone tried to tell me better haha)


You – both should create a wedding which should turn out to be the best idea you’ve ever had.

And thats the point, maybe you have imagined a totally different wedding your whole lifetime, but that was YOUR IDEA.

Now you’re at a point where I turns in WE and MINE turns in YOURS.

So – please take your time, dont hurry and create this wonderful day together.

You only have this one day.

And if you cant take the comments of others, and the pressure of planning a wedding – and you decide to make it very simple

and you want to get married in a boxroom  (big enough for 3 people) – it’s okay too 😉


xx eelayna








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