WORKING MOM – yes we can!

We gratuated at the same time and the same school – but there’s still a difference.

He’s a man and i am a woman.

So what? – Nevertheless theres a difference between the salary.

We apply for the same job . He does not get asked those stupid questions.

“What about children? Do you want to have children? soon?”

” Do you have kids? How old are they?”

Of course, we women do not have to answer these questions . It takes anyway into our privacy.

But a man gets this question rarely or never asked ! And why?

Often employers are afraid that we might have to leave earlier and even longer than planned. So -who will replace us??

At best, we are about 3 years at home with our children – because it’s our job , because we love it and because God has allowed us this great miracle . So the employer should seek a replacement for 3 years . The employer has to enroll the new employee and then?

Will he dismiss this person after three years? NOT! And thats the problem.

Of course it is much easier to employ a younger person without the wish to have a child.

Meanwhile, it is not allowed ti dismiss a woman right after the maternity. . We are protected from dismissal until four weeks after the end maternity time. So what prevents the employer from dismissing us shortly after those four weeks? Nothing! And there lies the problem .

Its  2016 now and i think there have to be a lot of change in order to maintain equality between mend and woman.

Often, women are paid less for the same work. We do not depend on the salary or the job of our husband or partner.

These times are long gone . I believe that we women are just as able to earn money, and work everydas – as men.

Let’s consider this from another side:

Almost every couple – whether man and woman or woman and woman or man and man – want a childat some point in our relationship .

I think that’s perfectly understandable for many . One does not simply put a child into the world . That’s a lot of work and especially LOVE . Should not that be something wonderful ?

Suddenly a humanbeing grows – which is half of myself and the other half from the partner . How grateful we can be about this only can be achieves trough self-experience. I have not experienced it by myself but my sister did. This little child that recognizes your voice , smiles at you and you can save the worst of all days – just by its existence.

We complain about the stupid things day after day.

No woman in the world should fear for their jobs.

Here in Austria , most executives of large companies are- MEN .

Many executives still have the opinion that having a baby and manage to do your job as before is impossible.


We should follow the example of other countries !

Norway, for example !

In 2004, Norway became the first country requires all state-controlled company to introduce a 40 percent quota for women in their supervisory boards – WOW !

In Norway there is a   legal right to a subsidized kindergarten place . This includes flexible working hours -47 percent of all Norwegian employees also work from home . With top earners it makes up 60 percent .

I think it sad that problems are created where there should absolutely be no problem . Other countries manage to make this balancing act between family and working. I would also like to have this for Austria.

We women can do far more than just sitting at home and cooking food . Those days are long gone. ,.

We women are the best at multitasking – right? And no matter what, we are always looking pretty and sexy 😉

I wish that women can be treated the same  as men. The only thing that will always distinguish us is our sex.

The sex says absolutely nothing about my skills.

We can achieve so much more if we want to.

We do not want to choose between career or having a child

We can if we want - AND WE WILL !

What did Queen-B say?



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